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Now...lay down on the couch
Slip, slop, slap Ha Ha I am the evil Dr. DK
and tell me what you see. Be sunsmart and I will destroy Cole and his friends
I could have been yours babe
Don't be rough with...
I can lick 30
but you're too late with that pointer tigers today
It's a long way up here Let your face know you are happy
By Daniel McCulloch and don't we look great Smile
  Look what I got for Xmas  
  ...a bikini!!  
Surfs up
The Spirit will be with you A red rose for...
and I was just vertical as I will...always a natural beauty
If it was up to me
Oh no not morning again
Roses are red, so these hearts
I'd make all the whalers into soap! and I hate those smiley face things If you were mine, we'd never part
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