How we all win by the Physical Usage of Tubemate


Children of all ages can actually do this. I have had 2-3 year olds show me they can do it easily. This also teaches the children economy as they grow and use things.

(Good luck when you try getting kids to twist or roll a tube up. The sardine key type squeezer has never emptied a tube properly yet.
I take them out of hairdressing salons all the time. AND they use metal tubes!!)

2. Stroke victims, arthritics and those with the inability to use one of their hands can catch the Tubemate on a sharp edge (i.e. a table, bench, book, etc) and it works easily.

(Just try doing the twisting , rolling method with one hand. Of course it will be able to be done if it is attached to your bathroom wall....but do you take your wall on holiday with YOU!!)

3. Sliding it up and leaving it on the tube takes less time than the other methods.

Pulling the tube over the corner of the bench or vanity works.... ........until you go back and have to do that every day...enjoy doing that job do you?

Less lawyers.....No more arguments about who is squashing the tube at the top prevents family disputes. Therefore less litigation and all going well.....LESS LAWYERS.
5. Lower squished tube in the morning pre driving to work helps reduce road rage and therefore car accidents. Which of course will lower taxes as hospitals will be able to fund themselves better.
6. More loving will be going on as a result of using Tubemate....this will increase the population slowly and those who are worried about their finances in old age will know that there will be superannuation for them when they get there.