Hi! and welcome
to my page

The story begins whilst I was flatting with my sister in the UK and I discovered that she was a 'top squeezer' of the toothpaste tube. I don't know how many of you love this habit...but I figured I had much better things to do with my time than straighten up the tube every time I used it. So I created a solution and called it Tubemate.

One of my first thoughts was that Tubemate should be able to carry a picture or a message and shouldn't break or get dirty. I made my first Tubemates out of wood, then perspex and now (20% recycled) poly-ethylene. The collector and corporate images were developed to their current stage. (A high quality photographic image which won't rub or wash off...even with fluids or pastes as diverse as lighter fluid or hair colour). Since then I have had loads of fun putting both corporate and collector images on Tubemate and best of all pretty much everyone using Tubemate is enjoying the result.

Follow the buttons below for a tour of the journey so far. You will see by the images that quality names are involved and I also have some help now, which is...great. So, if you see an opportunity to become a part of the journey, feel free to climb aboard and have a go yourself.

Thanks again for dropping in on us and hopefully, all going well, we'll be able to visit you one day.

Nigel G