Why we can win Financially by using Tubemate


No Waste in the tube when you throw it out.

(put pressure on the bar when sliding tubemate up the tube. Any product in the tube is going to the top ready to be used.)

2. Shows exactly how much is in the tube so you don't go opening or buying a new tube earlier than required.
3. Costs involved with other less efficient and therefore temporary solutions being purchased and discarded are reduced as Tubemate will do its job for a lifetime.
Less lawyers.....No more arguments about who is squashing the tube at the top prevents family disputes. Therefore less litigation and all going well.....LESS LAWYERS.....And we all know how much those #$%^'s charge.
5. Lower taxes........no squished tube in the morning pre driving to work helps reduce road rage and therefore car accidents. Which of course will lower taxes as hospitals will be able to fund themselves better. Less politicians too.
6. Less arguments means more loving will be going on as a result of using Tubemate....this will enhance the current slow population growth. So those who are worried about their finances in old age will know that superannuation will be there for them when they get to retirement.