Why we all win Environmentally by using Tubemate


Less waste product going into the environment.


When we start recycling the tubes we will be way better off.


Some Greenies make the comment that Tubemate is made of plastic. (Shall I make them out of wood and knock down 1000 trees to make them in the huge volumes required for the growing retail market? Tubes are not going away are they?)

When will you throw this away....unless you do that accidentally you will use it for a lifetime, it will ensure the emptiness of many , many tubes and perhaps it will be passed down through generations because it has a picture on it.


I am however always looking for a product which is perhaps more environmentally friendly

it will need to be :

Waterproof, flexible, self lubricative, cost effective, easily molded.

contact me if you know of anything with these properties.


Tubemate works on :

Toothpaste, hand cream, ointment, glue, sunscreen, cosmetics, bonjella, food products, industrial products. IN FACT ANY METAL OR PLASTIC TUBE not wider than the gap will allow.

It WILL fit over thick tubes. Push one corner under the bar first and then swing the rest of the bottom of the tube under the bar. DON'T be squeezing the bar down whilst trying to get the tube through. (you would be amazed what I HAVE SEEN AND HEARD)

3. Pressure on the bar as you pull the tube through gets the product up to the top ready for use. Always do a last pass or two to make sure the tube is empty before discarding the tube.
Less lawyers.....Less bull#^*% from them, means less ozone from that and therefore a much better environment.
5. Lower taxes...no squished tube in the morning pre driving to work helps reduce road rage and therefore car accidents. Which of course will lower taxes as hospitals will be able to fund themselves better and make car parts manufacturers have to make less environmentally damaging materials and therefore a better environment.
6. More loving will be going on as a result of using Tubemate....this will increase the population slowly and those who are worried about their finances in old age will know that there will be superannuation for them when they get there. More loving = better environment.